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LED Screen Video Wall Rentals

We help you create a custom LED wall display installation configuration that will impress your guests. Some of our past configurations and events have included, but not limited to, corporate events, weddings, receptions, corporate promotional and holiday events, nightclub and festival DJ booths, bands, performance artists, gaming events, trade shows, conferences, fashion events, sporting superbowl event,  and more.  

Control Entertainment's team can assist you with LED set design, can provide audio visual live feeds for social accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and branding configurations (stage backdrops and stage columns).  LED wall panels have become the new standard in outdoor video displays. The brightness of the image display and ease of use make them an attractive option for many different applications from retail store signage, billboards and many customized advertising needs, this includes stage shows, indoor displays, and more.

Why use LED Wall Displays instead of a projector?

1. Projectors can't perform the same as LED Video Walls. LED walls generate their own brightness,  thus the image is bright and vivid when it reaches the audience.  Projector brightness decreases fast within the first year, LED screens are not limited by these constraints.  Images, video and graphic content can be viewed mid-day with the sun directly shining on it the reason LED video walls have become the new standard for events.

2. Projectors have difficulty displaying saturated colors like blacks.  LED video walls are better at displaying contrasted colors making images more vibrant.  LED video walls don't always require to run at full brightness, taking less energy to operate.
LED panels are extremely versatile. Built with individual panels, you can be more creative with how the visuals are configured. They can be installed in various shape layouts, and their modular nature enable you to have unlimited options when setting up for a show.

3. Industry research shows large images command greater attention and increase retention. LED video walls make this possible.  Meet the new standard in live event video. Vibrant colors, versatile designs, affordable technology — LED video walls are a giant leap ahead of traditional video projection.

LED Video Walls are perfect for any event including:

  • Corporate Events / Conferences

  • Weddings and Receptions

  • Music Festival / Concerts

  • Fashion / Sporting Events

  • Trade Shows

  • Street Fairs

  • Graduations / Proms

  • Private Parties / Special Events

Benefits using LED Walls Include:

  • Branding 

  • Features Speakers and Artist

  • Set the Scene

  • Focal Point

  • Crisp Clear Images

  • Interactive Live Feed

  • Flexible Media Content Switching

  • Added Value Customization

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